BlueRock® Review Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription - Making a Difference!

January 30, 2019

Do you ever wonder, How can I make any kind of difference to the marine world and our environment but never really know how to!


And even if you don't ever wonder it doesn't matter but what does matter is those small changes we can all make. 


To be honest it was my younger sister who brought the idea up, shes always cared for the environment and lately she has been trying different things to reduce her plastic usage.

At Christmas she re planted a small Christmas tree which was originally potted. She took it to the forest where she lives and just re planted it.  

I loved this idea and shes always talking about ways to cut down on plastic.


Once she brought it up I started seeing news articles about animals with plastic caught in there mouths or sea turtles with plastic stuck to them and it really gets to me. They were probably always there but now I started to actually sit back and read about it!


So I started looking up bamboo tooth brushes and was given the opportunity to try an adult tooth brush and 2 children's toothbrushes.




These toothbrushes arrived today and came beautifully packaged with no plastic in sight!

Me and my children opened them and was actually amazed at how light they are! I don't know why but I kind of expected them to be heavier. The bristles look brilliant with there bright colours and the handle is smooth with BlueRock® engraved into it. 

My 6 year old twins love the colours and my daughter mentioned how the shape of the toothbrushes made them easy to hold. 

The 2 children's toothbrushes we received have been given to my younger set of twins and I will buy my older twins there own in different colours. My youngest twin girl suffers with bad rashes on her face and so these toothbrushes are ideal for her because the bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial.




A little about my sons love of sharks and marine life

My boy who is 6 years old has loved sharks since he could talk. At 2 years old he was asked what would you like for Christmas? this was in nursery and father Christmas was visiting the children. My sons answer was a shark!

Now he is 6 and he has always had a thing for marine life and sharks, his favourite is a saw shark!

He has so many books and is always looking at them. He knows the names of so many different sharks and marine life its crazy! He uses you tube and learns all about them and for me this is amazing to watch him grow and learn about our environment.


I checked out BlueRock® Instagram feed and noticed that they supported marine conservation and donated 10p with every toothbrush sold.

- @BlueRockLiving is their handle for Instagram.


I have started to try and educate my children about how plastic can affect marine life and our environment, with these bamboo tooth brushes been our first change!


A little information about BlueRock® 


•The tooth brushes are made up from Mao Bamboo which is the worlds fastest growing plant

•They come in a huge range of colours

•By subscribing your reducing your plastic usage and BlueRock® will donate 10p to the marine conservation for every toothbrush sold

•Prices vary depending on what you choose but in general its £3.90 - £3-50 per toothbrush depending on quantity 

•Its easy to do in 3 simple steps, 
1. Choose how many toothbrushes you would like
2.Subscribe and choose how often you would like them, 4/3/2/1 months
3. Receive your toothbrushes and start using them. Subscription can be changed or stopped at any time too

•The packaging used is totally plastic free! and is PEFT Certified 

•Children's range of toothbrushes are called BlueRock minis™ they are smaller than the adult toothbrushes and perfect size for your little ones to hold

• Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic

•The toothbrush handle is biodegradable and the bristles can be recycled separate. The bristles can be pulled out with the use of pliers



Website link :


There is so much more information over on their website where it explains the reasons why the company was originally started and the thoughts behind it. I love the idea that someone is supporting our marine life and I would like to think that I am also helping the cause. By using a bamboo tooth brush and slowly changing the way I do things on a day to day basis, I am actually making a small difference.

Which adds up doesn't it?

If we all make that one small change it mounts to a huge change in the long run. 



I love how light the toothbrush is and so do my children. The colours are lovely and because I have such a big family its really important we all have a different colour toothbrush!

I mean there is 9 in our household after all! 

I used the adult toothbrush this morning and I love the feel of it because I don't know about you but sometimes toothbrushes can be a little harsh on your teeth. This one though is fab and no I am not just saying this. I have my own views and opinions and pride my self with honest reviews of anything whether it is gifted or bought.

My older children are all wanting one and I know a few others in my family do too.




If your interested and would like start making a change head over to their website and check them out. 


Check out our Instagram profile @two.twins.mumma for more reviews and daily life as well as how we are getting on with this product. Instagram stories will be updated regularly too.













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