Blogging life with 2 sets of twins and and insight into the shops we rep for!

September 11, 2018

Since I opened this website and begun to blog I have found my self struggling for time to really write big blog posts, instead I have found myself doing short blogs through my Instagram page,

( two-twins_mummy)


There is a possible exciting thing happening for us (we think its exciting anyway) so keep an eye out for our update


I have 7 children's and so as you can probably imagine i am always super busy with one thing or another, whether its cleaning, washing clothes, or attending appointments times this by 7 and it means I have to prioritise what needs doing on a daily basis.

There will be spelling mistakes as I will probally have to come back to this a few times to edit it and check it all. Its all stop and start as I have the Twins to constantly sort 

Recently i have had my youngest twins birthdays and now my third born daughters birthday as well. I have had such a busy few months, the twins have started to take steps and jacob has learned how to climb on everything so I need eyes in the back of my head!

Hazel is walking pretty well but sometimes falls over so I am constantly watching them making sure they dont fall or climb on things that they shouldn't be. 

As I write this the twins are in there cot napping and they usually sleep for between 1 - 1.5 hours which is not enough to run around trying to do everything that needs doing. Today I am leaving those jobs and taking some time to write this post. 



If any one wants to follow our crazy journey with 7 children and the 2 sets of twins make sure you follow our Instagram page. 

Heres a brief about what we have been doing over on instagram.

The twins brand rep for some lovely shops. These shops are handmade items and items made and sold by small companies and they are all certainly worth a visit. If you head over to my Instagram page you will notice the twins are always dressed in handmade and mainly matching clothes. I love dressing them like this!

1. They look super cute!

2. It helps support the smaller shops and businesses

3. The twins are unique and different 


The amount of support I have recieved on instagram from the shops and all the new people I now connect with has been amazing.

There are so many other twin mums  who I now connect with and its brilliant how they help out so much with everything, its like a whole new world over there. Its opened my eyes to things, theres people out there just like me! with big families, twins and other mums who just understand things. 


These are just a handful of the clothes, bows & wooden props the twins own! After all there only little once so why not ? 

Hazel is always wearing hand crocheted bows and headbands and they are stunning. I was never into bows for my other daughters but I won a competition once over on Instagram and her crochet bows were my prize. I was hooked ever since !

Here is a list of the lovely shops the twins rep for at the moment 

Most of them have facebook, instagram, etsy and websites so all worth a look.


1. @la_la_loop code; TWOTWINS10


2. @doublelovecrochet  code TWOTWINS10


3. @mummyandthebeast HAZELJACOB10


4.@dollandbeau TWOTWINS10


5.@mummyandaustinboutique  TWINNING10


6. @lily_pearl TWOTWINS10


7. @wooden_treasures JACOB&HAZEL10


8. @gummeeteething


 I do have some discount codes  for some of thew shops which I have added next to the shop names above. Use them when you make an order for a 10% discount, every little helps


 Instagram names, Hand crochet bow @doublelovecrochet  handmade romper @pollyponuk

We dont rep for polly pony any longer but we certainly love her clothes the twins are always wearing them. Just look at that romper hazel is wearing, absolutely beautiful. Make sure you check her shop out


These bibs/ aprons are such an amazing design! there so stylish and they come in so many fantastic prints! I think thwe twins own about 20 of them. @dollyandbeau makes these herself and I can honestly say I love them and the twins always look gorgeous, we have said bye bye to the ordinary bib and replaced them with these instead! 


 The twins have so many different colour dummy clips! of course they need one to match there outfits. These clips are so well made and they all are CE certified and independently tested. She complies with all the safely regulations that come with things like dummy clips which makes me love her things even more. Gorgeously made and always lovely designs. She makes sensory ribbons and teething rings too.

 Hazel and jacob are wearing some printed tops from the lovely mummyandthebeast! The twins are always wearing tops from her shop because they are perfect, the quality is amazing and the designs are always so gorgeous. I really think the twins look stunning when they are wearing her clothes. She also sells personilsed bag, hoodies, and mummy jumpers too!

 yellow shorts and skirt is handmade by lily pearl make sure you head over and check out her shop. This is such a lovely print and is unisex so perfect for boys and girls in dress or leggings. To be honest we love it so much we have an order of a dress and a top.

 The twins are wearing a matching handmade set by the lovely la la loop. What I love about her things is the quality, its always perfect and she even has twins too!! so all her clothes are matching and she totally understands the twin life.  I never used to match the twins up but now I find my self doing it a lot and I am loving the different matches she has. Her shop is perfect for handmade clothes and even more perfect for twin or triplet mummies. 

 For the twins 1st birthday we did a photo shoot at home and used a rainbow theme, these outfits are handmade by @lily_pearl and are stunning! the feel of this fabric is so soft and the twins are so comfy in them.  We have some new matching pieces coming and I cannot wait to dress the twins in them. Her shop has some gorgeous things in!


 When crochet bows are life, we literally love these so much and they are so light weigh that hazel keeps them on. Any others and she usually pulls them off ! @doublelovecrochet has some gorgeous things in her shop and some awesome skills to be able to crochet such small bows 

 Outfits are all by la la loop

 The twins love these wooden cameras and they also own wooden maracas wooden cars and all sorts of other traditional toys. I find the twins will use the camera and pretend to look through it like they are taking a picture. Absolutely adorable to watch them learn and play

The ball garland is off a lovely lady over on instagram called @littlelovemakes


The rainbow garland is from a lovely shop called @ginger_spice_and_all_things_nice



The twins also rep for a teething company called GUMMEE 

 The twins didn't get there teeth until a few days before there first birthday! but now they really are teething like crazy. 

The twins use products from a lovely lady who designed the first ever gummee glove!

The twins started off using  gummee glove when we saw a post on Instagram of a little baby using her glove. I ordered 2 gloves and the twins absolutely loved them when they were around 5 months old. 

Even though they have only just cut there teeth I found they were showing signs of teething from around 5 months. The twins have now moved onto her other product called the link and teeth set which is amazing. Now the twins are older they are able to get a firm grasp on the hand held teethers to really chew down and push on there gums when teething is setting in. 

( I will link these products for you to amazon if you wish to take a look) 



  (Affliliate link meaning we may earn by linking to amazon)


  More to come


There is so much more to come and new and exciting things happening all the time, check out our instagram for updates!!


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