Gloop / oobleck with TWINS (Sensory play tray ideas)

March 10, 2018

I had been wanting to do some really messy play with the twins, its one of my favourite things to do with them. I think its important to let them explore different textures and on the plus side they absolutely love it! 

This kind of messy play is safe for the babies and really easy to do. 


What you will need:


For the activity

1. Cornflour 

2. Water 

3. Jug with water

4. Spoon to stir it up

5. A tray to put it in (I used a tuff tray / tuff spot)


For cleaning the babies!


2.Soapy water (in a tub or bath all prepared for baby)

3.Face cloth or flannel

4.Cleaning roll and a bowl of soapy water (for the floor, walls, you !)

5. A helping hand ( makes life loads easier to do this with someone helping)


An old baby bath is great to use with either the gloop or to clean them up afterwards too.


Firstly I put the heating on and made sure it was nice and warm for the babies because I was stripping them down into just a nappy. 

I tipped some corn flour into my tray and just added water until it got to the consistently that i wanted.

I mixed it with a metal spoon just because sometimes its difficult to stir.

I also tried mixing the cornflour in a jug with water and a bit of food colouring which was far easier!

(the food colouring coloured the babies skin a bit so I probably would not use it next time)

 I poured the gloop into the tray ready for the twins to get MESSY !

My little girl sat there for ages just feeling the gloop and getting her hands into it. She really enjoyed it and I think she would of stayed playing a lot longer!

My little boy was unsure at first but he got used to it pretty fast. He preferred laying in the gloop and he was loving touching it!

Its a feels kin of strange, its like a solid but when you pick it up, it drips between your fingers and great for SENSORY PLAY

(babies are 6.5 months old)










 I made sure I had everything I needed to clean the babies up before I undressed and let them get messy.

I put a bit of warm water into another play tray I have and cleaned the majority of gloop off the babies.

I dried them off one by one and dressed them into another vest and nappy while I had my partner watching my second baby who was still playing in the gloop.

I put the babies in a highchair and gave them some baby snacks to keep them occupied for a minute while I wiped the area down around us.

It wasn't too bad I just had bits of gloop that had dripped from the babies while I was moving them into the play tray filled with water.

 The babies LOVED sitting in the play tray with the bubbly water!!!

(always supervise children around water)


Why not try it at home. It works with any age children and even adults like it (well I do) 

Its so easy to do and the cleaning up of it is easy, yes it gets on your clothes and floor but because its just cornflour and water it cleans up really easy.

I have been doing gloop with all of my children for years and it is still one of the kids fave things to do. I usually let the older kids play with it in warmer weather in the garden.

They will use soapy water to clean it up once there finished and usually play in the water for a while too.




Check out my blog for other ideas for babies and sensory play








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