New baby essentials! (including free checklists)

February 24, 2018


When I was pregnant with my last baby (twins) I already had 5 children so you would think I knew what to buy and what I would need right? 

But I found my self searching for checklists online because I really could not remember. So I decided to make my own checklist for new mums who find themselves searching for checklists like I did. 


This list is a guide and based on what you will need for the first few weeks of having your newborn baby. 

There is things such as baby toys, highchairs ect that I have not put on the list because I find you dont need things like this in the first few weeks.


Click here to Download your free printable !!




Lets talk nappies!

The typical amount of nappies a newborn will use daily for the first month is around 10-12 a day on average.

They feed a lot so it means they will wee every 1 to 3 hours and poop several times a day! 


As for brands of nappies I do have a personal preference, I usually buy non brand ones if I can.

I priced check a load of nappies online while I was pregnant and decided which nappies to buy from that. I also bought a few different brands because I find each are different and fit each baby differently.

I wanted to see which brand would be cheap enough but also have a good fit on my babies.

I see a lot of people using the re usable nappies which is a great idea and far better for the environment. I never used them myself but I should of tried them really.


-You will need a changing mat! because when your changing your baby you just never know what might of leaked out from the sides of it! and there easier to wipe down and clean.

-Nappy sacks are a must! its so much easier to put that dirty nappy into a nappy bag and it helps to keep all those smells at bay.

- When changing your new baby in the first few weeks cotton wool and water works really well and is better for your babies skin.

- Buy some nappy creams for your new baby just in case they get a nappy rash

- Don't forget to get your self a changing bag, you need one big enough to put all your spare clothes in, nappies, creams and bottles.

When your out with your baby I find it easier to have everything prepared in a changing bag just in case they need a change while your out. 

I found some here (affiliate link) 




Newborn babies usually fit into the newborn sizes at first but it depends on the size of your baby.

I find they grow out of them fast! 

For the first month you will usually put your baby in vests and sleep suits so you need plenty.

I found my babies were very different and 1 was  really sicky all the time and so she would always need changing where as my little boy didn't need changed half as much.

-You need long sleeve and short sleeve vests and sleep suits some for through the day some for night time.

-Sleep suits usually come in packs of 3 so buy a few packs ready and a few packs of vests. I had about 20 of each to start with.

-Mittens, tights, socks, booties and hats to keep those tiny hands and feet warm. I bought a few packs of mittens because I seem to always loose the odd one here and there? so its nice to have plenty in just in case and its the same with socks.

-They will need a cardigan or jacket and a coat. Depending on the time of year your baby is due depends on what kind of coat you would buy, but in the colder months I find the snow suits are great for keeping baby warm while their out and about. 

- I made a mistake of over buying!! I did this a couple of times, I would go out shopping while I was pregnant and I found myself buying loads of newborn size outfits. The problem is I didn't use them all because my baby just outgrew them all so fast!

-Buy some baby clothes in the next size too ! 0-3 or 3-6 months because they seem to go through a growth spurt one day and your like what? I am sure you fit into newborn yesterday!


Bath time


During bath time you will need some soft hooded towels for your new baby I bought a pack of 3 and this was enough.

You will need a baby bath, even though you will not use it for long its ideal. Especially if your a first time mum because it means you can fill it up and put it in the living room where its cozy and warm. 

I would fill it up with a jug and have it in my living room with everything out prepared. Its easier to use a baby bath at the beginning rather than trying to bend over a big bath with your newborn baby.

-I used a baby bath support to lay my baby on. When I had my first babies because it helped give me confidence while trying to bath my baby. I was able to lay her on the support and hold her but it helped support baby.

I used one like this but in a different colour (affiliate link)


-Towels, nappy and cotton wool, clean clothes, baby shampoo, baby creams and bath support.


-Baby brush (affiliate link)

if your baby has lots of hair, bath thermometer and a top and tail bowl ( a small tub/bowl I used it to put all baby things in such as thermometer when I had finished with it, cotton wool balls when I had used them ect.) (some people fill it up with water to wash their babies face)


-A bath thermometer is great to have because it helps you get the bath water to the perfect temperature for your newborn.

I love this one because its a water and room thermometer in 1 ! (affiliate link)


-A babies skin is usually really sensitive so I never used body washes on my babies for the first few weeks only water, but I still bought them ready to have in when my baby was a little older. I used a shampoo on their hair but only a small amount.

My babies skin didn't dry out too much but some babies do so you really do need some baby lotion or baby moisturisers for your newborn babies skin.





If you are planning on breastfeeding you will probably find a breast pump handy and milk storage bags for those busy days when you need someone else to help out a little. Its wise to invest in some nipple cream as they can because sore.


If you are bottle feeding you will need,

-Bottles usually about 6-9 ( I had spares to take out in my changing bag)

-Steriliser ( I prefer the electric ones, there so much faster and easier to use!)

I bought this starter set here (affiliate link)


- Bottle cleaning brush but check when you buy a steriliser they sometimes come with it. I bought a starter kit and it had everything I would need in to make bottles and saved me loads of time!

-Muslin squares ( buy loads there fab! for mopping up baby sick)

-Dummies, thats if your wanting your baby to have one some babies do not even like them 

-Baby milk prep machine, I loved mine because I just found it easier to make a bottle when I needed it and it only takes a few minutes to make (great for those night feeds!)

Get yours here (affiliate link)


- Get a flask! A friend of mine told me about filling a flask up with hot water and taking it out with you which allows you to prep your bottles when you need them!!

- Powered milk storage pots are handy. You can fill up each one with the right amount of milk needed and take it with you when you go out. I used to fill up the tubs before I went to bed and when my baby woke in the night I would just add the tub to each bottle, using the prep machine to fill it with water. It really helped me because when your half asleep theres nothing worse than forgetting how many scoops of powder you added to the bottle!





For your newborn baby you will need some essentials such as,

-Moses basket or crib, I have used both and I much prefer the next to me cribs! they last so much longer and you can adjust them to the height of your bed which is handy! you can also see your baby which for me is amazing.

Find one here (affiliate link)


- Spare crib or moses basket sheets, you will need 2-3. I found every time I laid my baby down for bed into her crib she would be a bit sick so I was always changing the sheets!

-Blankets for your baby x2

-A room thermometer. This is essential, you need the room to be the right temperature to avoid your newborn from over heating or getting too cold.

Click the link below (babycentre)

Check out the baby centre to find out about safe sleeping for babies!!


-If your setting up your baby their own room they will need a cot or cot bed with a mattress and some bedding sheets for the cot. 

-Add a cot mobile to the cot because it gives your baby something to look at when there eyes are a little more developed

- Storage area for your babies things 

- A small basket or box is handy to have to fill up with everything you need for a night feed for those long nights

- A baby monitor is good to have so you can keep an eye on your baby if their in their own room (affiliate link)


I like this 2 in 1 thermometer because its already got a night light with it! (affiliate link)


- Using something to create a soothing sound really helps baby to settle 

Ewan sheep is super cute and attaches to your cot (affiliate link)

- Lights are great for baby to create a cosy feel in their bedroom and its handy for you too because it keeps the room dark enough to help baby sleep,but allows you to see your baby without putting the main light on and disturbing them 

- A nursing cushion is great while your feeding your newborn and it can be used for breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

I found one here (affiliate link)



- If your baby is born in the colder months a sleeping bag is ideal for them as long as you check the tog rating ( how warm it is) and make sure your baby is dressed appropriate so they do not over heat. 


Read information here about tog rating and your baby. Is your baby too hot ?


Other essentials 



-A car seat suitable from birth! most hospitals will not let you take your newborn hope without one, I had a maxi cosi one as it also fitted onto my pram!

I found one here (affiliate link)


-Pram or pushchair suitable from birth, you will need a blanket for the pram or a cosy toes if its colder months.

-Rain covers for your pram and car seat!

-Bouncer chair suitable from birth, I found having one made things a little easier for me because I knew I could put my baby into her chair and she was not on the floor. I have other children so I wanted my newborn to be away from those little legs running around 

- Play mat, I bought a play mat and started to use it when my baby was a few weeks old. As her eyes started to develop it gave her something to look at.

 I used this one here (affiliate link)


- Having a dummy clip is handy to keep those dummies from falling on the floor 

I used one of these (affiliate link)


- Infacol just in case your baby gets a little colic during bottle feeding (you can get it at chemists but speak to your midwife about it first)

- A baby swing can be useful to help sooth your baby, it gently rocks them helping them to settle

(affiliate link) I used the mamma roo and my baby loved it!

-Get a toy for your newborn and show them it to encourage their eyes to learn to focus


Health & safety

-Invest in a first aid box if you dont have one already, a fire alarm and Carbon monoxide alarm to be on the safe side but be sure to check it works correctly before fitting it.


Get them here at amazon (affiliate link) 

Carbon monoxide alarm

First aid kit

Fire alarm


**If you are in a council house or rented these should all be fitted already!! so check with your landlords before you buy your own**


- Nail scissors for your newborn to keep their nails trimmed. They seem to grow so fast and they end up scratching themselves


-Temperature thermometer just in case your newborn starts to feel a little under the weather

I found one you might like here (affiliate link)


Do not worry though because you can always get extra things once your baby is born! 

and some things can be bought when your baby is a few months old such as bumbo seats, weaning spoons, bowls, highchairs. Concentrate on the first month and what you will need for that.


Check out your local charity shops or boot sales too you can sometimes find some absolute bargains! 


Read my blog posts for more !!


Free resources 





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