Rainbow rice Easter activity! (How to colour rice)

February 14, 2018

Rainbow coloured rice is a perfect activity for the children and it keeps them entertained for hours!



What you will need:

- Zip lock bag or sandwich bags

- Food colouring/gel or liquid

- Rice

- White vinegar or rubbing alcohol 

-Trays or food containers

- Plastic eggs, scoops, colourful small items bows ect


Step 1


Put some rice into your zip lock bag and add a few drops of food colouring. Add a few drops of vinegar and close the bag.

Rub/shake the rice together and after a few moments the rice will start to absorb the colour and start to spread out evenly.

Add a little more vinegar and food colouring if you need to.  

Alternatively you could use rubbing alcohol which I mainly use depending on what I have in the house but if you have none of these do not worry just add a little water instead!

I used airbrush food colouring because thats all I had in but any is fine, you can get them from any local shopping store.


Step 2


Pour each bag of coloured riced onto a cooking tray or into food container to dry for a couple of hours. I leave mine over night and use it the next day.

The colour of the rice is really vibrant and I find that a gel or a concentrate food colouring gives a really nice colour.

Once the rice is dry the colour does not usually transfer to your hands but if it does next time just just less colouring.

I have never had it transfer to my hand and I have done this many times before.


Step 3 


Place all the rice into a deep tray, tub or plastic box and arrange the rice how you like. I poured mine in colour order and let my kids mix the rice up themselves. 

I find doing it like this makes the activity look inviting and visually appealing. 

I love rainbow colours!


Step 4


 Add bows, spoons, scoops and colourful Easter eggs, the plastic ones are great and the kids love them. They bring a whole range of learning opportunities to your child's play.

-My kids enjoy to fill the eggs up and make musical maracas 

-Scooping and pouring the rice and transferring rice into each egg

- Learning about colours and colour sorting by matching bows into the right colour eggs

-Emptying and filling the eggs listening to the sounds the rice make

-Using the spoons to scoop the rice

- Counting the eggs makes a fun maths game

- Hiding the small bows in the rice and letting the children find them is a fun game too 

and much more!

I got my eggs here at Baker Ross! through amazon (one of my fave places for children's crafts)





Step 5

Let them explore!



I made this activity for my children ages 5-9 and it kept them entertained for over an hour. The children then went back to it several times adding more things each time. 

I sat and watched them play and they were adding trays and shopping baskets from their play kitchen, filling the eggs and putting on the tray to cook. 

The fact that the rice is rainbow coloured makes it more inviting for children and adults too!

This is such a fun activity for a rainy day or even outside play in summer, the rice is easy to sweep up and you can use it over and over again!

I used some of the rice and added it to some used bottles to make a quick sensory bottle for my twins to play with.

 Its fair to say all 7 of my children enjoyed playing with the rice tray and sensory bottles. It is an easy activity to do and the main thing is it keeps the kids busy!

Its cheap too! 


I asked my children what they thought of the activity and they told me they 'love how the rice feels' and 'filling up the Easter eggs'!

'make more next time mum' 



 (This blog post contains affiliate links which means we may earn a fee by linking to amazon)

** always supervise children while playing with rice to avoid choking**

**encourage children to not eat the rice!**

**For play purpose only**






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