Double the children, double the cost TWINS!?

January 28, 2018


A lot of people wonder whether having twins costs double the amount or whether you can in fact somehow raise them together but cheaper than if you had them years apart.

Now I have had twins twice! Yes twice so the first time I found I always tried to save costs somewhere after all I had 2 babies to care for and not forgetting I already had 3 children when the first set of twins came along.

Is it really double the cost?

From a mum who personally has been through this twice I would say in general Yes!

Yes it is double the cost, sure you can save bits here and there buy one get one free offers and things like that.

But you still have 2 car seats to buy, 2 sets of clothes month after month, they both need to eat, so double the amount of food because they eat the same amount as another child right? 

Just because there twins doesn't mean they will share everything because they won't always be able to.


If like me you have fraternal twins there is just some things they can't share such as clothes, when there babies they can wear unisex but as they get older they will be wearing different things. Although you can try your best to share as much as you can every little penny saved helps!


Costs you can't avoid!


Nappies - even if you buy the cheapest brand out there you still have double the amount of nappies to buy until they have potty/ toilet trained.


Food/ formula milk- if like me you wasn't able to breast feed then you will understand the cost of formula milk. My twins can go through 1 and a half tubs a week! and as they start solid food and move onto our food it still is double the amount of food. 2 packed lunches as they start school or 2 school dinners. 


Clothes - 2 lots of clothes, and as they get older you will need to get two lots of shoes and school uniforms, 2 coats it really s things that you cant avoid, they really do need a coat each, blankets, bedding, cushions it all adds up. 


Essentials-big items you will always need 2 car seats, so you start with the one from age birth and as they grow the car seats will need changing to the next size. Other things such as highchairs are essential and again you can get cheap ones which are amazing but you still need to buy 2 doubling your costs again. Cots and beds are a big expense but they both need one each eventually.


Childcare- eventually you will return back to work and have to pay childcare for 2 children! unless your extremely lucky and have someone willing to do it for free? my advice is ask family!

If you work you will probably end up paying out more than you even earn when you have twins.


School trips/ family days out - you will have to go out with the twins. I used to take the twins to the beach, parks and nature walk they always loved these days and they were all free! we only had to think about petrol and food which was mainly packed lunches. But there will be times you want to go somewhere different which means paying to get in, places like zoos and theme parks. 

When the twins were little I always researched places first and I found some places allow children under a certain size or age in FREE!

Family tickets and deals also helped but things like school trips do cost double!


Birthdays- when it comes to birthdays I do spend a little less on each twin because I am having to buy 2 lots of birthday presents at the same time. My eldest twins both like dressing up and colouring so I will buy them a dressing up outfit each but colours to share. My youngest twins are only babies so its easier but they will have there own things each too because they are still there own person and I try treat them as an individual as much as I can. 


Costs you can avoid!


Second hand items- you can try get things second hand from your local boot sales or Facebook selling sites which are great. I sometimes find it difficult to find things second hand like 2 highchairs for sale at the same time, or 2 bouncy chairs and sometimes it really is a lot off faffing around. If you can find some deals though get them! 


Toys/ Jumperoos ect - I have always found they do share toys! I don't buy 2 of everything with toys and I only ever had 1 jumperoo too. 2 of these would of been great but you only really need 1. My twins shared a lot of toys when they were little. because I have girl boy twins I have found that as they have grown up they have there own interests and likes. My little boy loves dinosaurs and my little girl loves princesses so I do buy them there own toys. But things like lego, duplo and colours they will always share!



If someone offers to buy something for the twins or they have something they want to pass down, let them!


Having twins doesn't come cheap just like it isn't cheap having children no matter how many you have. But I suppose there is always things you can do like look out for deals, offers and second hand things whenever you can. The difference with twins and having 1 child is you have twice as much to buy and you need to buy it at the same time.

If you can save money do! 


Even if you get something second hand or in a sale the fact stays the same. Most of the time you still have 2 to buy !


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