7 hurdles that comes with having TWINS!

January 29, 2018

Hurdles you may face while you are on your own with twins!


1.Nipping to the shop

 Most people will travel with their baby in a car sounds simple right!? Well when you have twins this nipping to the shop thing is a totally different story.

To start with you have 2 babies to get ready so you can just nip to the shop. This is it's self can get crazy. The point I am getting to is 2 babies means 2 car seats!

You put both babies in the car after you have somehow managed to carry both car seats with babies in, a baby bag filled with nappies wipes spare clothes(anything can happen when you just nip out)

Next you get to the shop and have to carry both babies in their car seats while shopping. 

Problem is how do you shop when your carrying 2 car seats?!?! 

And carry all the bags.


2. Needing the toilet or popping upstairs to tidy around

Ok this is pretty easy when the babies are small they sleep a lot and are in Moses basked or baby chairs, so nipping upstairs for 5 mins to tidy around is easy. The babies are safe and as long as you can hear them or have a baby monitor on your ok.

The problem starts when the babies are crawling!

All you want to do is nip to the toilet (which is upstairs) but when the babies are crawling it's not safe to leave them at all they really can get up to alsorts!

With one baby I would just take them upstairs with me. But when you have 2 babies this becomes hard!

Just little things like trying to cook tea, I have to take one baby into the kitchen and put them in the highchairs then quickly get my next baby and put them in the highchair too. 

With one baby I would carry them up stairs, take them out side with me ECT? 

But with 2 babies to pick up put in a highchair, take out, change, pick back up then the next baby, your arms really do get tired! 


3. When one baby poops everywhere!

Sometimes one of the babies will poop and it's everywhere up there back, down there legs, everywhere! 

Now picture this, your changing 1 baby who's rolling and fighting you because they don't want to be cleaned up they seem to love been caked in poop.Your back is in bits because your sat in an awkward position trying to change baby number 1 when baby number 2 starts crawling the opposite way.

Towards the door leading to the kitchen!

Your stuck changing 1 twin and the other twin is off on a mission.

Best thing is while your in the middle of this you also need a new pack of baby wipes because you have just used the last one and the wipes are upstairs!!!


4. Meltdowns!

When the twins are a little older usually around 'the terrible two's' stage they are sometimes in the dont like the pram but dont like to walk stage. Or they just hate walking!


1st set of twins, my little girl hated and I mean hated going anywhere in the pram. She would scream no matter what I did. So I decided to walk with them both (both just over 2 years old) now my little girl was fab she loved it. My little boy on the other hand hated walking!!

I had a double pram and I did consider to get a single buggy and a buggy board however I decided against this.

I ditched the pram and braved the walks! He would have melt downs half way home, we never walked far!

The amount of looks I got was horrible. 

With one child you would pick them up and carry them the rest of the way.

With 2 kids even if you picked one up you would have to hold the hand of another 2 year old!

But because your holding one twin the other would then have a melt down because they want to be carried.

It's a lose lose situation sometimes.

My second set of twins are 5 months old this challenge will creep up on me again soon.


5. They start having different nap times!

One baby will fall asleep and your thinking yes! I can relax or get the tea on. But your other baby has other ideas. Your other baby will not sleep and wants attention! 

And then comes a time when they don't nap! 

Say goodbye to getting something done in peace.


6. 1 baby will wake the other up!

One of the issues I have found is that one twin will wake the other up!

This has happened with both my sets of twins. My baby twins are 5 months and 1 of the twins will take up and start trying to wake up the other baby! Cooing, shouting, or crying!

It's same with my older twins they always wake each other up!

When the babies are about 8 months old they are learning to crawl, pull them selves and sitting and they usually start getting harder to put to bed. So when one falls asleep and you have your other baby waking the other up it's hard work!

Or when there teething and they only just gone to sleep the last thing you want is them been woken up!


7. Double the amount of time and effort / opposite directions!

I have found out that with the twins you do everything twice!

Its like bringing the babies downstairs you have 2 trips to make! thats twice up and down them stairs.

Bath times, you bath your first baby and then have a second to bath. 

You have 2 babies to feed, to nappy change and to dress. When there babies its pretty simple but I have found as they start getting more mobile it becomes a lot harder.

They suddenly start fighting you while your changing them and it becomes a mission just to get a clean nappy on them because they just want to crawl off.

they do not want to stay still!

So changing 2 babies like this everyday is crazy especially when they both crawl or run in opposite directions!!

As they get bigger they get faster which means they can both run opposite ways when you go shopping. 


Its a daily challenge to keep both babies happy but I have found that routine is a massive help!

With both sets of twins I swear by routine although I do change it up every now again as life changes and we need to adjust things.

I always listen to what the twins tell me and I adjust the routine to suit me and them. 


Until next time check out my other blog posts!



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