7 Things I learned when... I had more than 3 kids.

January 23, 2018

7 things I learned when..... I had 7 kids to care for!

I had 3 children, then twins then twins again. I have certainly learnt a few things over the years!



1. Multitasking without your brain exploding!

Not your ordinary multitasking either, I mean full on doing 100 things at once all day everyday. Little things like when they get home from school and they want to tell you about their day.

You have to learn how to listen to all the kids, take it all in what they have actually said and reply to each child to show your listening. 

Any one with 1 child knows how much they talk and waffle. So imagine trying to,

*juggle all the kids telling you about their day, another child is hungry, one of the kids is crying because she doesn't want to take her shoes off, another child is pushing their brother so he starts crying, and another saying 'mum sign my letters' Then add this with feeding a baby at the same time and another baby waiting to be fed. Then my phone usually rings too*

Then comes tea time, bath time, reading books, home works, oh and bedtimes!

Multitasking is key to success


2.Clean! 1000 times a day for it to look like a NORMAL household


Just think, I have 7 times the amount of cleaning,

7 times the amount of washing, ironing and everyday general mess that comes along with having children.

As for dinner and tea times it really is 7 times the plates, knifes, forks and pots to wash!

Lots of random things on the floor in each room that the kids have decided they cant tidy away because 'they didn't touch it last' 

I think the children have a magic magnet where they walk through the house and things fall off shelves, rubbish appears from no where and socks or dirty clothes magically pile up in areas of the house.

Ok kids will be kids I get that and I do ask them everyday to tidy up after themselves and in general I have really tidy children. Its just when theirs so many in one house its does get messy a lot faster!

I am constantly bending down picking things up moving them, putting things back into cupboards and hoovering, wiping up spills and tripping over toys that appeared out of no where.

I clean the sink while I am brushing my teeth, I tidy around while I am getting dressed, I wash up while drinking my coffee at the same time. 


3.Juggling life 

Things like dentist appointments, hospital appointments, food shopping, school concerts, work, visitors, visiting, days out amongst all the other life challenges.

Everyday somethings happening, you have to juggle getting everyone ready in a morning,

-2 babies to bottle feed and change

- 5 children dressed, teeth brushed and breakfast,

- Baby bags, school bags, PE kits ready

- Mum and dad dressed ready 

- House respectable as everyone gets set for the day ahead.

Planning each day is a challenge and something always creeps up to throw a spanner in the works, you have just spent the last hour sorting everyone out and you have 5 minutes to get in the car and get to school, then appointments or work to get too when....

-A baby needs their nappy changing again!

-One of the babies is sick and needs to be fully re dressed!

- One of the kids has lost a school shoe ( always something random)

- You still have your slippers on (Hmmm how did that happen)

- You gotta turn back because the kids didn't pick up there school bags and packed lunches

- I could go on!!

Yes I have learned to juggle LIFE and try to avoid only some of these things by planning, making sure I am organised on a night, uniforms ready and bags out and packed ready!

Oh and carrying 50 things at the same time.

Master life juggler! or so it feels

Multitasking again!


4. Mass cooking!


Me and my partner generally share the cooking so luckily I don't need to do it everyday!

Cooking for a big family has become the norm for me now.

We only cook 1 meal, we don't cook different meals for each child if they don't like it tough.

I do always ask what the kids fancy for tea and when I do a online food order I always ask them what they would like. They all chip in and have ideas on meals they want the following week.

Tea is cooked and usually placed into the middle of the table depending on what it is. (Stew and spag bol is plated up) spare goes into the middle of the table with extras like garlic bread.

We find this the easiest way of eating because the kids don't feel the pressure of finishing whats on their plate and I find they eat more!

They see everyone else eating things and I have noticed that things they wouldn't normally try they have started to put on their plate. Kids don't like to miss out so If we are taking something from the middle of the table they usually want it too!

I am happy as long as I feel like they have eating enough to fill them.

Oh and the main part of surviving meal times with a big family is PAPER PLATES! whenever it is possible to use them.

Dinner with a sandwich, fruit and a yogurt is definitely a paper plate meal! especially in the school holidays.

And it means less washing up so more time to spend with the kids. (washing up is a big deal when you have a big family and no dishwasher)


5. You never have privacy and always have a child with you!

You go for a bath and there is always someone needing the toilet or NEEDS to tell you something important. Who can relate?

You get all sorts of embarrassing questions off the kids! 

and they insist on pointing out all of your floors lumps and bumps! 

I usually do things and I have a baby on my hip or if I am doing work on the computer, 3 kids will always come sit with me and insist on watching and offering there advice to me.

I feed one baby while I am rocking another baby to sleep while listening to one of my children reading there school books to me.

In general you never have privacy ever! and always have at least 1 child with you at all times.


6.How to overcome been tired!


I drink coffee and lots of it because when you are busy 24/7 which I generally am! You don't have time to be tired.

When I ordered my new hoover it came with a free coffee machine!. BEST thing ever.


If you have a big family tiredness isn't even real, it cant exist, it just cannot happen you just get on with it all.

If you do feel it creeping in, you deal with it.

Although I do have days where I just do nothing! well when I say nothing I mean I still sort the kids, tidy round, ect I just leave the washing, main cleaning, ironing and things like that for ANOTHER day.


7. To suck it up!

You learn to deal with things that happen everyday. Its life and when you have a big family it can be difficult but you do it.

When the fridge breaks or the dryer cuts out you suck it up!

Or when the car won't start and you have to walk, you suck it up! Life goes on.

I love having a big family ( although I hate all the crappy bits like washing and toothpaste everywhere)

Yeah we can't always do things like other families or nip out whenever we want but we enjoy it we have each other and that's how we all like it. 

Sure I have learned I will never have privacy ever again and that everything I ever do will mean I have to juggle other things around but I am


I don't need to number this one.

You do not know whats around the corner, be thankful and enjoy your kids.

I have been given an amazing blessing and at the end of it I have 7 times the amount of love!! 

I can list hundreds of things I have learnt since having children, these are just a few!


Until next time............

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