Do you need 2 Of everything with newborn TWINS ?

January 20, 2018

The question is do you really need 2 of everything when you are having twins?


When I had my first set of twins nearly 6 years ago I can remember thinking, I want to save money and so I was really cautious about what I bought 2 of.

To be honest the saving money thing did not really go to plan.

2 sterilisers ?

1st set of Twins x2 Sterilisers 



 2nd set of Twins x2 Sterilisers starter sets x2 Tommee Tippee Prep Machines


 I started off buying 1 electric steam steriliser but the problem that I found was it just didn't hold enough bottles. The twins were feeding every two hours and trying to sterilise 6 bottles at a time just wasn't convenient at all!

I ended up buying a second hand one off eBay which enabled me to sterilise 12 bottles at a time. When I had my second set of twins I knew I had to buy 2 sterilisers there was no way I was trying to faff around trying to do 6 at a time!

I bought 2 Tommee Tippee starter electric steam sterilisers sets, it came with everything you need for a newborn baby. I loved it. 

I made sure I bought 2 different colours only because it meant the bottles inside were different colours too. When feeding the twins its so much easier when you have 2 bottles of different colours so you know how much each baby has drunk.

Life was hell of a lot easier with 2 sterilisers and the fact that it came with everything you need was amazing after all I was tired, huge and was not up for shopping around too much. 

Do you need 2 sterilisers?

No you don't but it helps if you do! 


2 Bottle prep machines?

I never used a prep machine with my first set of twins and trying to do bottles every two hours for 2 babies is tiring!

Let me tell you, when I found out I was having twins again I knew things had to be different! I wanted to be more organised and the Tommee Tippee prep machine helped me do this. It made a bottle within minutes and to the perfect temperature. Best buy ever! 

You don't need to buy one because most people just like to make a bottle using cooled boiled water which is a great way of making bottles but having 2 babies changes everything. If you find something that makes life a lot easier then its well worth it, after all a happy mum is a happy baby and a less tired mum is a happy mum.

I bought 2 one for up stairs one for downstairs and it worked wonders for me and the babies. Once the babies started sleeping through I took it down stairs and just made up 2 bottles every time I needed them.

Do you need 2 prep machines?

No, you don't need any at all but there amazing and well worth buying 2 !


2 Car seats ?


Yes you do! 

Most hospitals don't let you take your babies home unless you have a car seat suitable for a newborn baby. I bought the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix car seats because they attach to my pram and they were reasonably priced too! 

Its from birth to approx, 12 months and there really easy to install. You can buy the Easy fix base to go along with the car seats but I didn't bother. I don't mind using the seat belt every time to secure the car seats in. The Maxi-Cosi carseats are compatible with so many prams and pushchairs and they look nice to coming in a range of colours as well. 


2 baby bags?

I only bought one baby bag and I just made sure it was a big one just because I was going to have double the amount inside. I bought online and although its a nice bag I find it still a little bit small. My bad.

If your buying one online make sure you check the dimensions and make sure its going to be big enough. 

In my twins baby bag I pack plenty so when I am out I am always prepared because you never know what can happen! nappy explosions!, spilled drinks and sick urghh.

For ideas on what to pack in a newborn baby bag check out my FREE resources page.

 Do you need 2 baby bags?

No I personally don't think you do you have enough to carry with 2 babies!


Double the amount of nappies?

Yes ! yes and yes stock up on nappies.


- 1 baby will go through an average of 12 nappies a day to begin with so that's 24 nappies a day for twins!

I worked it out like this 24 nappies a day x 7 days a week = 168 nappies a week WOW 

The cost of buying nappies for twins really does add up and your going to be buying them for at least 2 years or up until there potty/ toilet trained so my advice is to shop around! find deals and try out different brand nappies.

With my other children I tried many brands and I found that each of my babies were different, some nappy brands fit one baby better than others and some of the nappies would make my little girl have a sore bottom where as the same brand would not do this to my little boy!

The nappies I eventually settled for that I found were a great all rounder nappy were BOOTS brand. I generally loved them and I found buying them online easier, I would buy them in bulk and in return they put point onto your boots advantage card. On weeks where I had no money I would use the points on my card to buy nappies. 

I have tried the other brands such as Aldi and Sainsburys and there just as good too! 

When your buying so many nappies its really important to find some that are reasonably priced and fit your babies well, lets face it nobody wants a leaking nappy!

2 Moses Baskets or cribs?

After my first set of twins I really though about this. Do I need to buy 2 Moses baskets and 2 stands to go along with them? 

The first time around I did buy 2 Moses baskets and the babies just were not in them long enough after a few month the babies were too big and I found my self stuck with 2 Moses baskets in fantastic condition. I tried to re sell them and they honestly didn't sell for much at all. I had to put the babies into the cot at 3 months old. They shared a cot to begin with and I had one baby at each end.


When I had my second set of twins I bought 1 of those next to me cribs. The one I chose was a Chicco next to me bedside crib. The twins were pretty big when they were born weighing in at 6lb and 6.12lbs and they both slept side by side in the crib.

I loved it, I was able to adjust the height of the crib to fit next to my bed and the sides of the crib could be zipped down too allowing me to see the twins without moving!

After a month of this I did find the babies were getting too big to share so I ordered another one and i'm glad I did. The babies started sleeping far better because before they would nudge each other and as they stirred wake each other up when they shared. 

Do you need 2?

2 Moses baskets yes, because there small!

but if your buying a next to me crib 1 to begin with is fine although I am glad I bought 2, my babies are 5 months old and are still fitting in it comfortably and snuggly!


2 Cots?

At first you don't really need 2 cots but as the babies grow they will need there own cot, its safer for them to be in their own cot and helps them to get a better night sleep. Babies usually stay in a crib or Moses basket for the first few months anyway so you have a bit of time before you need to think about finding space for 2 cots.

With my first set of twins I bought the cots when the twins were around 1 month. I was lucky enough that they were able to have there own room and so prepared the nursery room after they were born.

My second set of twins they would be sharing a room and I had to rearrange my whole house to make this happen!

I had to do this while I was pregnant with the twins because it was easier it meant I could do it while the other kids were in school. I bought 2 cots and set them up ready for the twins arrival.

As for cots or cot beds, I bought cot beds first time around and cots the second time around. It all depends on your circumstances i guess. 

How much you have available to spend, how much space you have and which type you prefer.

I loved the cot beds but i equally love the cots I have this time around.

Do you need 2 cots?

Yes eventually you will.


2 Bouncy chairs ?


With each set of twins I bought bouncy chairs that were suitable from birth and I found them really handy!

I used the chairs for months and it was ideal to keep one twin in their chair while I was changing the other twin.

Because I already had other children I felt they were safer in the bouncy chairs knowing the kids were in and out of the living room where I kept the chairs.

I bought low cost chairs and I even got them while they were on sale which helped a lot especially when you have 2 to buy.

My twins both time slept in their chairs through the day too which meant I didn't need a Moses basket or cot down stairs.

Do you need 2 bouncy chairs?

Yes, I would say you do with 2 babies to care for its easier, as they start rolling and getting around you know you can put one baby in their chair while you feed and change your other baby.


Some things you really only need one of but sometimes buying 2 makes life a lot easier and to me that was more important!

As the twins get older they will keep on needing new things highchairs, toys and everything else but I will talk about that in another post. 2 of everything when twins are 6 months plus.


Other things to give you an idea:

Baby thermometer - only buy 1

Baby bath/room thermometer - only buy 1

Baby blankets - yep buy 2

Baby bath - only buy 1

Baby shampoo and soaps - only buy 1 bottle of each they last ages even with 2 babies

Baby brush & comb - only buy 1

Baby clothes - they need there own clothes but unisex packs of vests and socks are great!

Dummies -  They need their own dummies

Towels - buy a multi pack of towels

Nappy bags - 1 pack 

Nappy cream - only buy 1

Changing mat - only buy 1


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I have linked up some of the things I used and still use now with both my sets of twins. There are the things I found useful, find them below.























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