My Twin pregnancy must haves to get you through!

January 17, 2018

Lets talk about twin pregnancy!

Now, lets face it its never going to be easy carrying 2 babies but there is a few things you can do to get you through it a little easier. When I was pregnant with my first set of twins I managed reasonably well I think, but I was healthier and fitter then so I think this really helped.

When I fell pregnant with my second set of twins it was a whole different ball game, my stomach muscles were shot from the first time around and my back was in bits!

Each pregnancy is different as I have found out and it depends on how both babies are laid and the amount of pressure the babies put on your back, hips, legs well off all you!

Just think about it you have the weight of 2 babies and with fraternal twins you have an added weight of 2 placenta's, and 2 waters and you have to carry them around for around 37 week! 


Here are the things I used to help me through and the best bit is none of the things broke the bank! 



1. A pregnancy support belt

This was a life saver, I started using it early on and it helped support my back. I bought 2 different sizes just because I was growing and fast!

I used it all the way up to the day I gave birth and I wore it everyday.I was walking around with double the amount of weight on me and well I am surprised I didn't topple over I was that big in the end. There is so many different ones on the market and I am sure there all just as good but I decided to go for a cheap one. I bought 1 to begin with to see how it was and after a couple of weeks I bought another and with it being a cheap one it didn't break the bank! 

You can find so many different ones at but this is the one I used see it below.


2. Maternity clothes 

Right the thing is with maternity clothes and a twin pregnancy is most people will not fit into them for long because there just not made to stretch so big! and I ended up buying 3 different sizes just to try and keep up with my massive stomach. I did find them super comfy and even though I went through so many sizes I really could not of managed without them!

Long and stretchy tops! I bought my self some long line stretchy vests and they lasted me all the way through my pregnancy and they were cheap too! 

I love maternity dresses the stretchy ones, I got my self one and it was amazing! although in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy it did become a little short for me due to my growing tummy.

At the start of my pregnancy I bought some ordinary leggings but they soon stopped fitting me and they just didn't stretch far enough but maternity leggings were really comfortable.


I struggled to find maternity clothes in stores to try on, it really is limited to online which annoyed me because I needed to try them on and see what the elastic in them was like. The only place I found did a presentable range in store was H&M. I don't know what the rest of the world is like for stocking a maternity range in store but here in the UK I found it terrible!

Stores really could do with stocking more in store!



3. Bio freeze cooling gel

I first found out about this when I used to go to a chiropractor, she used it on me once and I loved it. I bought my self some and only used it here and there but when I fell pregnant with the twins I started getting back pain and at first I could deal with it but as the twins grew bigger and I grew bigger the pressure on my back was insane! so I looked up online how I can help ease this back pain but I needed something that wouldn't affect the babies. I found a forum and someone said to use BIO FREEZE,  I knew I had some in the house so I found it out and started using it on my back every day and every night. It helped ease some of the pain and that was it, I was hooked!

For any one who suffers with back pain during pregnancy I am sure you will understand that any kind of safe relief from the pain is a must have item.

I ended up ordering a few tubes of it online and I took it every where with me. There are loads of different brands and creams that offer similar relief but this is the one I preferred. I still us it now and my twins are 5 month old because lets face it back pain is still there! with 2 babies to carry and all the bending over you will be doing back pain is there to stay a little longer. I have also tried the spray version of Bio freeze and I personally prefer the gel, I feel as though it gives a better result.


4. Re-usable Gel ice packs

I love these! I bought 3 gel ice packs, I kept 2 of them in the fridge and  1 in the freezer, one of the ice packs I bought came with a belt which was handy!

I used to apply a cold ice pack to my back every day and every night. As the babies grew the pressure on my back just got worse and depending on how each baby was laid each day my back pain was showing no signs of easing !

Some days I could barley move so I would sit with the ice pack on my back for a while and once the pain eased I could get a few bits done, with 5 kids already it really wasn't an option for me to rest as much as I needed to because I had so much to do. My partner helped out loads but with 5 kids and 2 more on the way I wanted to get everything sorted and ready for their arrival. The ice packs helped to ease my back pain along with Bio freeze which I would use when I didn't have an ice pack on ( I wound't recommend using them together!)

The great thing is you can keep them and use them after pregnancy for you and the family. 



5. Pregnancy multivitamins

If your anything like me and never used to take vitamins start now! with any pregnancy your body is going through a huge change and your baby takes a lot of your vitamins so you can imagine what its like when you have 2 babies stripping you of every last drop of anything you have left in you!

The pregnancy multi vitamin is a big MUST HAVE it has everything you need to get you through pregnancy. It helps to top up all your vitamins and trust me you will need it. Energy is sucked from you when your pregnant with 2 babies so its super important to keep your energy up. You can get these vitamins from all local pharmacies, and there is different brands you can try.


6. Comfy cushions!

Its sound obvious but get cushions and lots of them! I used about 7 on a night, 1 under my tummy, 1 under my back 4 to prop me up because I couldn't lay flat and 1 between my knees. I really wish I had bought one of those pregnancy cushions because it would of made bedtime a whole lot easier than trying to prop my self up with loads of cushions. After all a twin pregnancy can last about 38 weeks! 

I had my second set of twins at 38 weeks and I was HUGE, cushions are a definite MUST HAVE.


All you can do when your pregnant with twins is try different things and see how you feel, you will have some days better than others but my advice would be to take things easy and at a steady pace. I decorated my whole house while I was 20 weeks pregnant with the twins! which was stupid and not advised!

And if someone offers to pick your other kids up from school let them!



Take things easy,  it really is the best advice !


Read about how I coped with Twin night feeds and my tips on what I found worked the best here!

This blog contains affilate links to and we may earn a percentage if clicked on. We only recommend things we have used our selves or what we belive is a good item. All of the above links are what I have used during my own pregnancy.















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