Pregnant with TWINS AGAIN !

January 11, 2018

Seeing that little line on a pregnancy test come up as positive can be a scary, exciting and an amazing feeling amongst all the other emotions that will run through your head as you see the lines appear. Being pregnant is one of the best things a women can go through and I am super blessed to have gone through it. 

I took the test like a day after a missed period and mine are never on time so for my body even though it was a day after a missed period I know I can come on any time within a few days of my period date. I only took a test because I had an uneasy feeling I can't really explain it I just woke up and knew I needed to do one. As I watched the test my heart was pounding! it turned pink within seconds! 


I already have 5 children this includes twins so the first thing that I was thinking was, what if its TWINS again? 

What are the chances really, to have twins again because they don't run in my family so surely it won't happen again will it?


Well it did and I had the WORST morning sickness, the first few weeks I was super ill I felt like I couldn't move because the nausea was so intense. I was working at the time and I had 5 children already and let me tell you it was not easy! but every day I got up and pushed my self to my absolute limits working, caring for the kids and keeping the house in order. As any one can imagine my washing pile never ends, mess all the time, ironing, having to bath the kids, cooking! and all the rest. How am I going to cope?! 

Luckily my partner is pretty good and helps out a lot doing  the school runs, cleaning, washing and things like that it really is a 2 persons job sometimes!


When I first found out I was pregnant again I did have the feeling of I think its twins. I just KNEW. I just had a a gut feeling and I really needed to know, was there 1 or 2 in there!


Looking at the signs

1.My stomach was hard and bloated far sooner than it should be when your pregnant just like it was the first time with twins. 2.Morning sickness was out of this world horrible.

3.Gut feeling.

4. I'v had twins once before for suppose highers the chance of twins again.

5. Extreme fatigue.

6. Test showed a strong positive result even though I was early on.


I booked a private scan which is something I have never done before but I am glad I did. 

The day of the scan I was sat in the waiting room and I felt sick, sick with nerves all the things going around in my head. I am sure all mums out there have the same questions running through your head when your waiting for a scan like Please let there be a heartbeat? Please let the baby be healthy? because this is my main thoughts except now I was sat there thinking these as well as, what will I do if its twins? How am I going to do it? 5 kids already and another on the way? twins once surely it cant be twins again? what about work? I can't do pregnancy again last time was too hard! how will I fit them all in the car? sh*t I need a new car? 2 of everything?  and the rest!


And then it was my turn! the sonographer called my name. I was walking to the room and I felt like I was dreaming, this can't be real. I laid on the bed and as the sonographer turned the screen towards me I could see. There is was 2 sacs, 2 heart beats, 2 BABIES.

WOW! I knew I had a gut feeling but I never expected to be right. What are the chances. I laid there feeling excited, scared, terrified, overjoyed but nervous because sh*t just got real. As I got my scan pictures and set off home I knew things had to change, my life was going to be turned up side down. 


But my main panic was the pregnancy, my last TWIN pregnancy was tough, and so was the birth!


I was having TWINS AGAIN ! 


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-If your expecting twins and have any questions feel free email me!








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