It only took 5 years to begin!

December 30, 2017



After I had given birth to my first set of twins Harrison and Sophie I new I wanted to create my own blog, to share my story, my struggles and all the crazy thing I knew I would be getting up to. At this point I already had 3 children so I knew having twins wasn't going to be easy! 

5 years on and I have another set of twins now 4 months old. Now this is where things are going to get fun because I know whats coming rolling over, teething, crawling and well a hell of a lot more. This is going to be a challenge and after 5 years of having my crazy idea of 'having my own blog' I finally have it, right here!

So here it is! Two-twins-mummy #lifewith7 

Welcome to my blog and my first post.


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